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"I am Admiral Garja, formally of the Imperial Fleet and second in command of the Resistance forces. If you wish to, you may use whatever resources we have to repair or resupply your ship. I'm sorry that Admiral Belina isn't here but I will relay any questions that you have to her as soon as I can. She will most likely will meet with you in the morning."

"Feel free to ask any questions and I will do my best to answer them."

Kavrik listened intently as the Admiral spoke, but kept silent until he paused for questions. If anything about Garja impressed Kavrik, it was that he did not shy away from his past, from who and what he had been. The fact that the Resistance had placed so much trust in him was also intriguing, but that was a subject for a later date.

"I have many questions," Kavrik said, "most of which I am content to find answers to later. Most of those, you'll have to forgive my being rather out of touch with current events." He shook his head. "But no, my immediate question relates to your offer of supplies to repair and resupply my ship. Does that extend to supplies to repair something I have aboard?"

Knowing no one in their right mind would answer yes with so little to go on, he went on. "She's a droid, a highly unique droid and I've been trying to repair her ever since I acquired her. The best I've been able to do thus far is to patch her into my ship's computer system. She was the voice you spoke to earlier, the one who told you my reasons for the scans I was having her run."

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