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Cool, so it's basically Empire at War?

Also did some research into Dejarik and I want to run the rules by the community to make sure I have everything right. Also if any of you have any ideas as to how to script this, please throw them out there. It sounds like this is possible but I'm just not sure how to go about doing this.

Above is what the game board looks like. There are a total of 8 pieces which are randomly divided up between two players so that each get 4 pieces. The first move is decided by a coin toss. Each player then has two consecutive moves, however I'm tempted to just make it one so that it would be easier to play, and mod for that matter...

Then each piece has different attributes which they use to define a kill:
Piece 1 - Attack (6) Defense (6) Movement (2)
Piece 2 - Attack (6) Defense (5) Movement (3)
Piece 3 - Attack (4) Defense (3) Movement (2)
Piece 4 - Attack (4) Defense (4) Movement (1)
Piece 5 - Attack (2) Defense (7) Movement (3)
Piece 6 - Attack (3) Defense (8) Movement (1)
Piece 7 - Attack (7) Defense (3) Movement (2)
Piece 8 - Attack (8) Defense (2) Movement (2)

In the Star Wars universe the pieces were actual creatures so here is a list of potential creatures which I thought may work nicely. Let me know if something works better:
1 - Terentanak
2 - Zekkeg
3 - Boma
4 - Tukata
5 - Kath Hound
6 - Drexl Larva
7 - Hssiss
8 - Rancor

Also one thing I'd like to do is make new creatures for SOTE so there is a very good chance that if the new creatures are added, then they will take the places of some of these creatures.
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