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"But no, my immediate question relates to your offer of supplies to repair and resupply my ship. Does that extend to supplies to repair something I have aboard?"

"She's a droid, a highly unique droid and I've been trying to repair her ever since I acquired her. The best I've been able to do thus far is to patch her into my ship's computer system. She was the voice you spoke to earlier, the one who told you my reasons for the scans I was having her run."

Garja nodded. "Yes. Feel free to grab anything that you need to repair your droid. If you wish I can direct you to our repair bay where you will most likely be able to find anything you need."

"Oh if anything she should watch out. I tend to strike when one least expects it"

Alriana sighed heavily and stopped rocking the chair. She would have to find some other way of getting back at him. Something he wouldn't expect.

"His patience makes up for the trouble he causes on the med deck."

Belina had to stifle a laugh. "I've heard of the trouble he causes. Did you know that the Chief medical officer has complained to me about him nearly five times since he came on board?"

Death's Head

The agent quietly arrived on the bridge through the lift and walked towards one of the consoles while looking for the Grand Admiral who it seemed was not on the bridge on the moment.

He turned and grabbed the arm of a passing crew member and motioned him off to the side. "Excuse me, where is the Grand Admiral? I have a message for him."

The crew member pointed towards the briefing room. "He is currently looking over fleet movements. I'm sure he wouldn't mind if you delivered your message and than left immediately."

The agent nodded and headed for the briefing room and closed the door behind him as he walked in. "Excuse me Grand Admiral. But I have a message for you."

The Grand Admiral looked up just in time to see the agent summon his lightsaber to his hand and ignite it.

"The sith empire sends it's regards Grand Admiral." He said as he swung the lightsaber towards the Grand Admiral's neck.
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