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"I've heard of the trouble he causes. Did you know that the Chief medical officer has complained to me about him nearly five times since he came on board?"

Tavaryn continue to eat while sharing with Kaillian and replied, "Oh yes. The last one was actually quite fun for me."

Jun-la took a bite and said, "Indeed though I think to get you to do anything would be to chase you around with a medical scanner." She then sent silently to Alriana, Don't worry. Your announcement will be surprise enough.


Fen'Harel took his time exploring the Ackbar deciding to remain on board for a time. He wanted to get a chance to speak to the Jedi that held Tavaryn's heart and discover her feelings. Plus he wanted to reacquaint himself with Xandros. He found him in the training room and said, "I see that you still have a knack for handing someone theirs Xandros. It's as if you never left."


Tonatius was weary from the fight but glad that it was over. He acknowledged the King's statement and replied, "The Resistance thanks you King Markath. We will let them know. Is there anything else you require?"

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