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F-Grade WIPs: Feats, Remixes and More

Below is a list of the K1 projects my associate UnknownJedi and I have been working on in the recent past, and what we have in the works at the moment.

Content Pack 1

15 feats, in seperate 9 feat chains.
2 new force powers, in a single chain.
Edits some party members to include the new feats.

Status: Released.
Thread: Here.

Content Pack 2

Even more feats and powers.

Status: Concepting.
Download: Not yet.

Weapon Remix Redux

A complete rewrite and rebalance of all weapons in the game.

Status: Complete.
Download: Will be released alongside Realistic Drops.

Armour Remix

A complete rewrite and rebalance of all armours in the game.

Status: 50% complete.
Download: Not yet.

Supply And Demand

A remake of the merchant system to include licences, black markets, restocking, and a overhaul of merchants' inventories.

Status: Programmed but not yet implemented.
Download: Not yet.

Realistic Drops

A comprehensive and consistent drop system whereby all enemy equipment can be salavaged. Also includes more realistic loot within containers.

Status: Implemented up to the end of Taris.
Download: Not yet.

I'll be editing the list to keep it up-to-date in the future.

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