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Originally Posted by Qui-Gon Glenn View Post
Hey there TamerBill!

I remember some debate about the usefulness of scripted "feats". I wonder how you have scripted this, and how well tested it is in a heavily populated battle on a low-spec'd machine?

It does sound cool though, and I hope it works well... I may give it a fly.
Most of them are actually hooked onto existing scripts, so there shouldn't be any noticeable slowdown. They're not done as onHeartbeats or anything; that would be woefully inefficient.

Originally Posted by harIII View Post
This looks really cool but I do have a question. As far as I know making new feats is impossible because last I heard it's Hard Coded. I have a mod I'm working on which I could make good use of new feats, so my question is how are you doing this?
That's the party line, true, but it's only a half-truth. The combat styles, like Power Blast and Flurry, are very much hard-coded, there's nothing we can do there. Everything else, though, is just a matter of calling it from the right script.
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