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Originally Posted by jermy721 View Post
^ I don't know if that will work. That seems to complicated for the average programmers to do. We usually use ags when we make these games and i don't know if that kind of style will work
It's not about programming, it's about graphic. Instead of CurseOfMI style, I was suggesting something like this. Just to be more close to the originale game concept.

Some idea for the story.
In the original Grim, Manny makes a four-year travel just for saving a woman and pay off a debt. Hector is dead, the corruption is over (?) and maybe there is no more need of the Lost Souls Alliance. BUT:

1- A new young man comes to the land. He doesn' want to go to the next level but just to enojoy his stay among the dead and make a profit, resumin the falling criminal organization. Until something makes him change is mind.

2- Hector is dead, but there are still lots of lost soul out there. Some of them still walking the land, some of there still imprisoned somewhere. One of this prisoner guides the others to freedom.

3- Strange nights in Rubacava, one man was found sprouted under mysterious circumstances. A young (but dead) detective must find the truth, among corrupt police and flashing nightclubs, he will find the purpose of his non-life.

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