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Kavrik knew the Sith were greater in number now than they had been last he knew, but the taking of Coruscant was something he had not realized them capable of. Ever since his resurrection, he'd been sticking to the Outer and Mid Rims, knowing that the Core Worlds would be the more likely location of anyone who might remember him, and remember what he'd once been known for. If there was anything he wanted in this new life he'd been given, it was to gain considerable distance from the past in which he commonly associated with the Sith.

"I've been living under a rock," he said quietly, finding only a little amusement in the fact that a phrase often used metaphorically applied to him literally. "I confess, I've run into more Sith in my Outer Rim travels than I had anticipated, but I never imagined them powerful enough to take Coruscant."

He ran a hand through his hair and took in a deep breath, releasing it slowly. Then, seeming almost cheerful, he jumped to his feet. "Well, it's late, or something. Think I'll get some rest before it's time to meet Belina and your Jedi security chief. And maybe I'll read that current events report too. It'll be good to go into that meeting being up to date."

He moved toward the door, pausing only as he drew near to Garja. "You're an honest man, Garja. Few men in your position would admit to having once been part of the Imperial fleet. Maybe soon, I'll repay you that kindness, tell you of the demons of my past."

He moved to the door and paused in the doorway to call over his shoulder, "Until then, I bid you goodnight."

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