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I see you are planning something moi chroi. Are you going to try something?

You'll just have to wait. She sent in a teasing voice.

"She may charm the Admiral out of more medals."

Belina looked down at her medals and smiled. "She probably will. I'm already thinking of which ones she's going to go for."

"Oh if you want me to behave Admiral turn Kaillian loose."

Belina looked down at Kaillian and laughed. "I was actually thinking the next time you cause trouble the Chief medical officer and I were going to knock you out and drag you to the medbay for a day in the bacta tank."

"Tavaryn is one of the order. He is the son of two known Jedi: Ashira-Li Starlighter and Obi-Wan Kenobi. He grew up in the order during the purges. He is a good brother. Is there anything else you wish to know?"

Xandros's other hand clenched in a fist.

"Yes...there is something else that I would like to know. What is his relationship with Jedi Alriana?"

Xandros could feel his anger building and no matter how much he was trying to control it he was still having trouble. He thought that he knew what their relationship was but he still needed to hear it from someone else before he could fully believe it.

"Admiral Garja, Jedi Kaltas and Iazoki's fighters have just come out of hyperspace. Do you wish to speak with them yourself, or should I try to reach Belina about this?"

Garja listened to the question over his comnlink and thought for a moment before replying.

"Instruct them to land. Admiral Belina has taken the night off and I am currently speaking with someone. As soon as I am finished I will meet with them in the Admira's ready room." Garja quickly shut off the comnlink and turned back to Kavrik.

"I confess, I've run into more Sith in my Outer Rim travels than I had anticipated, but I never imagined them powerful enough to take Coruscant."

"To be fair...they managed to trick most of the fleet and the former leader of the Republic into believing that the sith were allied with them."

"You're an honest man, Garja. Few men in your position would admit to having once been part of the Imperial fleet. Maybe soon, I'll repay you that kindness, tell you of the demons of my past. Until then, I bid you goodnight."

Garja nodded at him. "I'm not that fond of my former imperial days. I'm just glad that Admiral Belina gave me a chance to redeem myself."

He turned the comnlink back on and opened a channel to the bridge. "Bridge, this is Garja. Please send a data pack to the Freedom in the hanger bay. The data pack is to contain all information on what we know of the sith and recently galactic history. If he requests anything else please send it to his ship."

"Yes Admiral."

Death's Head

Admiral Velerc instantly hit a button on his desk and a small compartment on the top of his desk opened and a small hold-out blaster fell on the desk. He quickly grabbed it and fired off a few shots that were easily deflected but forced him to go back a few steps.

"You are only delaying the inevitable Admiral. Once you and Admiral Belina are dead there will be no one left to stop the sith. Accept your death with dignity Admiral."

Garja had had a few moments to think and he was coming up with a plan. "How did you get aboard my ship?" He asked as he sought to buy himself another moment.
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