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Originally Posted by Warlord664 View Post
It was realy good! I saw a spelling error though (I would think you'd be a little "edy" too if your child was butchered and then thrown into the fire that was burning away your livelihood!) Ty for the update FG.
Yeah, I haven't edited the dialogue yet, but thanks.

Originally Posted by Phildevil View Post

Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
Great work so far FG, some really good stuff there, the only points I'd make your already aware of (lip sink and background noises).
Thanks j7.

Originally Posted by Lordjedi View Post
I just went through this thread, it looks AWESOME. Really looking forward to trying this out.
Thanks, always good to have another person following the mod. Anyway, as I said I will be having more updates more regularly but they all won't be screenshot and/or video updates. Some will just be telling you a little of what I'm doing because 1. The screenshots would be of .2da, .UTC, .UTI , etc files 2. It's plot critical or it's been shown before.

So, anyway, the update is I've been working on fixing many things that were wrong with one of the screenshot bunches that had a blue twi'lek in it and all seems to be going well. Also, I've finally FINALLY figured out how to make custom doors so I can't walk through them. Kudos goes to Dak Drexl for finding the thread that had the answers for me.

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