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Tonatius nodded to Kalla. He then said, "I'll arrange to see about getting transport back to the fighters. Your brother must be anxious to go over all the specs he put on." He gave Kalla a gentle kiss on the cheek before turning away. He did manage to send, Perhaps once back, we can talk.


"Yes...there is something else that I would like to know. What is his relationship with Jedi Alriana?"

Fen'Harel studied the young man in front of him. He could see anger and possibly jealousy brewing underneath. It could spell trouble but the two would need to work it out for themselves. Even he was not completely sure of the relationship between Tavaryn and the Jedi he met. He replied, "Even I am not certain but they are close. Tavaryn has been the only one willing to help her adjust to life out of cryostasis and I think he needed a saving grace just as much as she did. If you really wish to know, I suggest you ask them."


"I was actually thinking the next time you cause trouble the Chief medical officer and I were going to knock you out and drag you to the medbay for a day in the bacta tank."

Tavaryn gave a mock groan of despair as he gave a slight laugh. "You'd have to catch me first Admiral."

Kaillian laughed and held up the medal Belina gave her, "Tavy funny. Lookiee pitties."

"She probably will. I'm already thinking of which ones she's going to go for."

Jun-la watched her daughter play in her uncle's arms. He did seem happy holding her. Maybe it wouldn't come too much as a shock when Alriana told him. It seemed that of all of the siblings, he took much of the crap from the galaxy and pressed forward. She knew that her father and aunt would ask about their mother since he knew more about her than they did. They never blamed each other but always shared what they knew. She replied, "Well she seems happy with the one you gave her, Admiral."

Jun-la then stood up and said, "This was enjoyable. Would anyone like a drink?"

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