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Alright, I tried your script Zybl and still no luck. I have a script similar to this, except it only involves one person and it's another NPC. It has the NPC walk through a door that is opened a few seconds before he walks and it works fine, what do you think is going wrong with the script you posted?

EDIT: I seem to have many scripting troubles, anyway I have this script here:

void main() 

  object oJerico = GetObjectByTag("n_jercor");

   object oSpeeder = GetObjectByTag("jerico_speeder");

	SetGlobalFadeOut(0.5, 1.5);
object oSound=GetObjectByTag("swoopidleloopj");

	DelayCommand(2.4, DestroyObject(oJerico));

	DelayCommand(2.4, DestroyObject(oSpeeder));

	DelayCommand(3.0,SetGlobalFadeIn(0.5, 1.5));

I've been puzzling over it for about twenty minutes for one reason, and one reason alone: It won't fade in. Everything else executes except the fade in. Any ideas?

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