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"Even I am not certain but they are close. Tavaryn has been the only one willing to help her adjust to life out of cryostasis and I think he needed a saving grace just as much as she did. If you really wish to know, I suggest you ask them."

Xandros sighed. If only I would have come out of cryostasis earlier...I could have possibly been the one to help her. I was the one who was charged with protecting her during the purge.

"Thank you sir." Xandros said as he turned to leave.

"You'd have to catch me first Admiral."

Belina smiled slyly. "Oh no...I'd have Garja track you down. I hate to admit it but he's probably more of a match for you than I am."

"Well she seems happy with the one you gave her, Admiral."

Belina looked down at Kaillian and smiled. "I hope so. I'd hate to have to give up my Medal of valor. Thats one medal I would rather keep."

"This was enjoyable. Would anyone like a drink?"

Belina raised her hand. "I'd like one. I'm still a bit thirsty." Alriana also raised her hand. "I'll take one as well."
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