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"Thank you sir."

Fen'Harel looked at Xandros and got the idea that the boy may be harboring guilt and jealousies. He replied, "Do not jump too hastily Xandros. Such things occur with time and I for one know a good conversation tends to lay everything bare."


"Oh no...I'd have Garja track you down. I hate to admit it but he's probably more of a match for you than I am."

Tavaryn nodded as he put Kaillian down and let the little girl tug him to the main sitting area. She then brought one of the toys that was broken and held it up to him and asked, "Fix pwease."

Tavaryn couldn't resist and took the toy into his hands and began looking at it. He took it apart and began to fiddle with the wiring inside. He began chattering in Avalonian, making Kaillian giggle and squeal.

"I hope so. I'd hate to have to give up my Medal of valor. Thats one medal I would rather keep.""I'd like one. I'm still a bit thirsty."

Jun-la laughed as she watched her uncle being led by her tottering two year old to go fix a toy that even Matton couldn't fix. She diverted her attention back to Belina and replied, "Don't even bring that one out otherwise she'll decide she wants it and then you'll never get it back." She went to pour a drink for the admiral.

"I'll take one as well."

For Alriana, Jun-la picked up an amber liquid. It was non-alcoholic but tasted very good. She poured it and gave a knowing look before sending, Don't want to do anything that would be bad for you know what.

Ackbar Hangar

"The mods you put in have working perfectly, especially the quantum encryption system. Now, what's this I hear about you and a certain female Guardsman?"

Andros had been working on mods for more of the resistance fighters since his initial readings were good. Now he had to get everything from the fighter computers to make an accurate assessment and bring it to the admiral.

He greeted his sister and her boyfriend. He still had trouble thinking Tonatius in terms of that. He liked the guy and he had shown interest in his work but the idea of his sister actually liking someone... he was still on the fence about it.

Of course he didn't expect the teasing question from his sister and now he had to reap the consequences or try to wheedle his way out of it. He replied, "What is it that you have heard Kal?

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