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"Do not jump too hastily Xandros. Such things occur with time and I for one know a good conversation tends to lay everything bare."

Xandros turned to look back at him and nodded. "I won't sir. I will have a talk with Tavaryn once I've calmed down a little bit."

"Don't even bring that one out otherwise she'll decide she wants it and then you'll never get it back."

Belina turned to look at Kaillian and then at her Medal of Valor which was pinned on the inside of her jacket. She unpinned it and placed it on one of the pockets on the inside of her jacket. She looked over at Jun-la and smiled. "I think I'll keep it in there for the rest of my visit just in case..."

Don't want to do anything that would be bad for you know what.

Alriana smiled. Thank you. I never had much of a taste for alcohol anyway. she sent. She looked over at Tavaryn who was still looking over the toy and smiled. I'm almost tempted to let him know now...What do you think? Now or later?
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