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"I think I'll keep it in there for the rest of my visit just in case..."

"Wise choice," Jun-la replied. She gave a glance at Matton who recognized it as a signal that he was to get dessert. They shared a smile before he disappeared.

I'm almost tempted to let him know now...What do you think? Now or later?

Jun-la glanced over at her uncle playing around with the toy while Kaillian sat at his feet. She replied, Your choice. However if you want to catch him off guard this would be your chance. Might be entertaining.

Tavaryn in the meantime was finishing his work on the toy. One last wire and there. He put the casing back on and it came to life. It was a miniature model of the X-wing fighter. It started flying around and Kaillian laughed. "Tavy fixed it!"

Tavaryn grinned and replied, "Now you have to catch it."

Kaillian squealed as she tottered around trying to catch the thing while Tavaryn watched. He was trying hard not to laugh but he enjoyed the moment. He actually thought what it would be like to play with a child that was his own but could he even ask that of her? He was going to ask the harder question later but that? He thought about it hard unaware that his own thoughts were leaking through the bond towards Alriana.


"I won't sir. I will have a talk with Tavaryn once I've calmed down a little bit."

Fen'Harel nodded at Xandros. He said, "I believe that he is an early riser. He usually takes coffee around 0600 if I am not mistaken.

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