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Your choice. However if you want to catch him off guard this would be your chance. Might be entertaining.

Oh yes...I would love to get him off guard. Alriana sent back. She smiled as she watched Tavaryn play with Kaillian. She almost burst out laughing when Kaillian started chasing the toy X-wing.

Her smile was replaced with a look of shock for a split second when she felt Tavaryn's emotions and thoughts through their bond.

"Tavaryn..." She said quietly as she got up and sat down next to him. "I...could feel your thoughts a moment ago through our bond. And...I..." She looked helplessly at Jun-La before taking a deep breath and composing herself.

"I know that you've wondered what it would be like to have a child of your own...and I just want to say that your going to find out."

She smiled and whispered two words in his ear. Words that she hoped he would take delight in hearing. She wouldn't mind seeing him faint either but she doubted that would happen.

"I'm pregnant."

"I believe that he is an early riser. He usually takes coffee around 0600 if I am not mistaken."

"Thank you sir." Xandros said again. "If you don't mind, I'm going to go and get some sleep. That Xeran character I was fighting took quite a bit out of me."

Death's Head

"How did you get aboard my ship?"

"That doesn't really concern you Admiral." The agent said as he stabbed the lightsaber forward and managed to catch the Admiral's side. The admiral gasped in pain and hit the ground. The agent smiled and brought the lightsaber down and the blade pierced the Admiral's stomach.

"My work here is done." The agent said and looked back at the dying Grand Admiral. "Rest assured, you will not be the only one dying today Grand Admiral. Supreme Commander Belina is next on the list. In fact, I should be able to report back to the Sith within in a few hours if she goes down as easily as you did."

The agent deactivated his lightsaber and hid it inside his jacket before walking out the door and closing it behind him. He quickly made his way to a turbolift and quickly arrived at the shuttle deck. He quickly made his way to a small fighter and started it up just as an alarm went off. I should have made sure the Admiral was dead. he thought as the fighter shot through the closing doors and began to head towards the Ackbar
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