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Thumbs up Some help please!

First of all i wanna thank all you guys for the wonderfull work you do here, i found many answers to questions that puzzled me for a long time.
However i still need some help with something, here's my dilemma:
I am trying to play as a female pirate npc, i added the n_piratf.mdx,n_piratf.mdl,n_piratf.txb they all work fine for the body part.
However there are 2 head textures:h_piratf.txb and h_piratf02.txb but it doesn't matter wich one i put in the override folder, none of them work and the head on the character is missing.
Could somebody give me an insight what to do to make it work? Or do they use a different head textures.I found the pirate textures in the data, pirates folder.
Thanks in advance!
And great job so far
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