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Originally Posted by Thrik View Post
I think if this project is going to take off you need to define what exactly the game is going to be about and who will be doing what. You're clearly decided to take the reigns as the project leader, but project leaders typically take a very hands-on role when it comes to indie games. Are you going to be writing the story, programming, or what? Because if you're not writing the story I think you need to hold off on determining what and who will feature in the story because that's the writer's job.

Or to put it another way: if you're going to be an armchair project leader who expects a team to create his ideal game without doing anything himself this project won't get anywhere, and projects like this almost never work out unless things are planned properly from the outset rather than basically making it up as the project goes along that I can tell you from experience.

Also, release episodically. Keeps team motivation up, keeps fans interested, and gives you more than one chance to hit the headlines.
This is absolutely right. Things like these needs planning. We can do a brainstorming all together for the main plot and storyline and other ideas, but then we need to split the work.

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