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Jun-la saw the helpless look and sent reassuring waves. She then decided to engage the admiral in conversation. Matton joined in as well. Jun-la asked, "With the Resistance getting the support it needs, are there any major plans to infiltrate? Will Alpha Team be sent in?"

"I'm pregnant."

Tavaryn had been startled at first when Alriana brought up that she had been hearing his thoughts. Not being trained in the Force like a Jedi, he sometimes forgot that if he was not aware of it, he could project his stronger emotions. When he heard those two words, it was as if time had stopped completely.

He looked at Alriana. He managed to stammer in an equally low voice, "You mean...?"

Ackbar Hangar

"Well, I've heard you've been paying 'special' attention to her fighter, and the two of you have been seen together when you're both off duty. Can't say I blame you. Guardsman uniforms leave little to the imagination."

Andros scowled at Kalla and replied, "You're crazy Kal. Erina and I talk shop."

Tonatius was trying hard not to laugh. He recognized the signs of a relationship by how hard Andros was denying it. It was actually funny considering that Andros' lekku gave a slight twitch at the denial.

"Listen, Tonatius and I have to meet with Garja about our the mission to Naboo, but do you think you, Dad, and Iyav could meet me at my quarters in a couple of hours? Tonatius and I have a bit of an announcement to make. Bring Erina, if you like."

Andros grumbled as he agreed and muttered, "You need to learn to but out in using the Force Kal." Louder he replied, "I'll be there and by the way Garja's on the bridge." He then made a hasty exit grumbling about nosy Jedi.

Tonatius was chuckling as he left. He then glanced at Kalla and said, "I know older siblings are supposed to tease their younger ones but moi chroi I swear you just wanted to get him embarrassed. Didn't you?"

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