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"You mean...?"

Alriana smiled. "Yes..." She said quietly but with a tinge of happiness in her voice. "Look at it this way...Kaillian will have someone new to play with." She said trying to lighten the mood.

"With the Resistance getting the support it needs, are there any major plans to infiltrate? Will Alpha Team be sent in?"

Belina, who hadn't heard the conversation between Tavaryn and Alriana nodded. "As a matter of fact I believe that we're planning on sending a strike team to Dagobah sometime soon."

She looked over at Alriana and Tavaryn. "If I may ask what are you two talking about?"

Garja quickly left the meeting room and headed for one of the turbolifts and headed for the bridge. He arrived after a few moments in the lift.

Fighter. Approaching the Ackbar Hanger

The agent smiled as he thought over what had happened. Most likely the alarms had been for the unauthorized launch. He hoped that the Grand Admiral was dead though. He doubted he would be able to sneak aboard the Imperial Flagship again. He looked down at the comn and noticed that there was an incoming message.

"This is the Ackbar. Please transmit identification code."

The agent smiled. He had managed to get the codes from a crewman aboard the Death's Head a few days before. He sent the code. "Your code has been accepted. Please land in the starboard hanger."

The agent smiled again as the hanger days opened and he landed the fighter inside the hanger bay. He looked towards the turbolift and then to the left and then to the right. He didn't see anyone.

He got out of his fighter and made sure that his lightsaber was securly tucked in on the inside of his jacket.

Admiral Belina...Time for you to meet your maker. He thought.
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