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I love you moi chroi. You win.

Alriana laughed. It's about time that I finally win one. She sent back.

"Do you want to say anything?"

Alriana smiled an evil smile at Tavaryn. Yes I do. I really want to see what she thinks of our good news.

"Admiral..." She began "I think that you have a right to know. I found out earlier this morning that I'm...well...I'm pregnant." Belina froze in her seat with her drink halfway to her mouth. She was about to yell and then Alriana's voice echoed through her head.

I know that you might be angry...but look at it this way. This gives you a great excuse to threaten to put Tavaryn in the bacta tank for a day or two.

Admiral Belina turned to look at Tavaryn very slowly and glared at him for a quick moment but then the glare vanished and she smiled. "I just want to offer my congratulations." She said as she looked Tavaryn over. "Tavaryn...You look a bit pale, I think you need to go in the bacta tank for a day or two."

"Admiral Garja, where do you want me to start?"

Garja turned to look at them. "Please start from the begining. Any strategic information that you may have could greatly help us."

"Admiral Garja, I'm picking up a lot of comn chatter between the Death's Head and the Imperial medical frigate. It sounds like something happened over there."

Garja turned to look at the comn officer. "Open a channel and see if you can find out what happened."
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