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It's about time that I finally win one.

Well it's not every day the woman I love tells me that I'm about to become a father. Tavaryn sent the thought to her while he watched the evil smile appear on her face. He wondered if he should be worried at what was going on in her mind.

Tavaryn...You look a bit pale, I think you need to go in the bacta tank for a day or two.

Tavaryn looked at Alriana and sent, You little minx. Out loud he said, "Oh I always look like an unhealthy pale. It's a natural skin coloring. Too many hours in my powersuit. However if you want me in a bacta tank, you'll have to make sure I'm near dead first."

"Tavy near dead first," Kaillian said. She had managed to catch the toy and was holding it in one hand. She ran over to Tavaryn and climbed up into his lap. "Kaillian get new fwiend now?" She looked at Alriana.

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