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You little minx.

Alriana smiled but did nothing else as Belina got up and looked him over again.

"Oh I always look like an unhealthy pale. It's a natural skin coloring. Too many hours in my powersuit. However if you want me in a bacta tank, you'll have to make sure I'm near dead first."

"If you say so Tavaryn." Belina said with an evil smile. "But I must insist that at some point in the future you should take a day or two to stay in the bacta tank." The meaning was clear: At some point Belina was going to get him in the bacta tank even if he didn't want to.

"Kaillian get new fwiend now?"

Alriana smiled down at her and looked helplessly at Jun-la. She seriously didn't know what to say.

Ackbar Bridge

"I'll start with the good news. Naboo is no longer under Sith control, and the King has promised us his full support. In addition, Darth Sykal is dead. As for strategic information, we direct confirmation of the Undying Sith Empire making use of Death Guards. We always knew they answered directly to the Sith, so it's likely we'll see more of them. In addition, the Sith seem to be more interested in taking Jedi alive. Especially pregnant women."

Garja thought for a moment. Death Guards were not good news at all. And as for the sith going for Jedi...and pregnant women. He didn't really want to know how they had found out the sith were going after pregnant women. But the news wasn't good at all.

"Excellent work. With Naboo no longer in the hands of the sith we might be able to use it as a staging post for attacks into sith space. As for the sith going after jedi you may wish to report that to Master Skywalker.

Death's Head

Grand Admiral Velerc refused to die.

My daughter...hes going to go after the last of my family...he thought as he dragged himself to his desk and brought his fist down on a red button near the edge of the desk. Alarms began to sound throughout the corridor of the Death's Head The door quickly opened and the first officer ran in. He took one look at the Admiral who was laying on the floor. "Get a Medical unit in here! We may need to send him to the medical frigate if our own medical bay can't stabilize him!"

Despite the pain he was in and the fact that he was about to pass out he grabbed at the leg of his first officer. "...Warn Belina...he's coming for her." Velerc's eyes finally closed as he passed out from the pain.

Ackbar hanger bay

The agent smiled as he reached out through the force and found the location of his second target. He headed for the lift and set it to arrive on the deck that Belina was on. He would wait for her outside the turbolift. And once she got close enough...the Resistance had already lost one important person...and soon they would lose another.

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