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But I must insist that at some point in the future you should take a day or two to stay in the bacta tank.

Tavaryn got the meaning of Belina's words but it didn't mean that he would make it easy for her. He knew just about every hiding place on the ship including the shuttles and fighters. he also knew how to blend in with the regular crew. "Only if you can catch me," he gave a muttered response.

When Kaillian asked her question, he looked at Alriana who was looking at Jun-la for help and his niece was just acting as if nothing were amiss. He adjusted the girl in his lap and said, "Not now Kaillian but you will have a new friend. I promise."

Kaillian beamed up at Tavaryn and jumped up to grab him in a neck choking hug. She squealed, "Tavy make pwomise n he keeps it."

Tavaryn glanced over at Alriana. He sent, You looking forward to this?"

Ackbar Bridge

Tonatius added, "I'll contact the Jedi on Avalon and give the report. They can relay it to the colonies."

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