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I got "burned out" on Star Wars about the time of Episode II's release I think. From then I basically just went back to liking some movies and some games. Oddly there are still plenty of Star Wars fans who seem to think you have to like everyone with the logo on it, regardless of quality. It used to be possible to follow all that stuff, but anymore there's just too much and too much that is of mediocre quality. Something for everyone, some might say, but yeah, great recipe for "burnout" if you're an obsessed fan (as many of us were) instead of just a fan.

I like other movies, other books, other games, I like a lot of other fun things that have nothing to do with Star Wars. Some of the "burnout" might also be due to people consuming nothing but Star Wars for too long. I also have gotten a lot busier in my life over the past decade, so I have a lot less time to obsess over such things. On the other hand, as with most hobbies, people find them a pleasant diversion. If it ceases being pleasant, time to find another (healthy) diversion. Being a Star Wars fan can be time consuming and expensive (if you go with "everything" approach) and not everyone can do that, even old, die-hards like me.

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