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Originally Posted by MsFicwriter View Post
As for Kreia? I'm wondering how she re-learned the Force, and heard it "sing" within her after she was stripped of her power by Sion and Nihilus.
She does it in the same way that Revan and the Exile do - even if they had other forms of help that Kreia didn't. The reason she is technically "weak" at the beginning of the game. Maybe she does know more than the player, but the same could be said about Bastilia/Juhani/Jolee in the first game. I'd imagine that, even if being stripped of her power meant that she was weaker, it doesn't mean that she would've forgotten what she knew so easily.

Originally Posted by MsFicwriter View Post
If she hated the Force that much, then why would she choose to use it again? To "learn how to kill it", as she said on Malachor V? Maybe, and perhaps she really believed this, but ultimately she admits that even this was a lame excuse to hide her dependence on the Force.
It's the same as hating guns, yet a situation presents itself where using the gun is the only way survival can be assured - no matter if it is you that wants to, or you want to save someone else. Or, it could be that that, whatever it is you hate, that very thing could be integral to your goal.

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