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Don't forget Star Wars Galaxies, their first star wars MMO is permanently shutting down in December, 2011. At least that is what a guy at work told me who is a star wars fan. Lucasarts basically killed The Force Unleashed 3 in my opinion in order for the concentrate on Star Wars The Old Republic for PC and Star Wars Kinect for Microsft X-box 360 and Star Wars The Clone Wars Adventures game. All three video games just so happen to be played on Microsoft brand console or PC. I hink the powers in charge at Lucasarts are Pro-Microsoft and Anti-Sony PS3. I don't care about hand helds like Sony PSP or whatever Nintendo DS. The handhelds have recieved the last two Star Wars Battlefronts exclusively, Elite Squadron and the other one which I can't remember the name off the top of my head. Now I hear rumors the next Star Wars Battlefront will be X-box 360, PC and PS3 but an online only game. Please tell me this is untrue. I don't know alot of people who play online and I don't have an internet connection or equipment to play online.

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