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Originally Posted by joesdomain View Post
Don't forget Star Wars Galaxies, their first star wars MMO is permanently shutting down in December, 2011. At least that is what a guy at work told me who is a star wars fan.
It's closing down on December 15th. The decision was taken by both Sony Online Entertainment and LucasArts - it was bound to happen sooner or later after the server closures and dropping population in the game, and 8 years is a pretty respectable lifespan.

And it's not going to die completely, as there'll no doubt be private servers running the game for those who want to keep playing.

Originally Posted by joesdomain
Lucasarts basically killed The Force Unleashed 3 in my opinion in order for the concentrate on Star Wars The Old Republic for PC and Star Wars Kinect for Microsft X-box 360 and Star Wars The Clone Wars Adventures game.
There haven't been any announcements at all as far as any potential sequel for the Force Unleashed series is concerned.

And yes, they're busy concentrating on other titles at the moment, and they clearly have plans for other games, seeing as they're looking for people to work on RPGs, FPS and Flight Sim titles, but that doesn't mean they won't go back to other games.

Originally Posted by joesdomain
All three video games just so happen to be played on Microsoft brand console or PC. I hink the powers in charge at Lucasarts are Pro-Microsoft and Anti-Sony PS3.
If they were anti-Sony they wouldn't be working with Sony Online for the Clone Wars MMO, and they wouldn't have released Republic Heroes or the most recent Lego Star Wars games on the PS3.

Originally Posted by joesdomain
Now I hear rumors the next Star Wars Battlefront will be X-box 360, PC and PS3 but an online only game. Please tell me this is untrue. I don't know alot of people who play online and I don't have an internet connection or equipment to play online.
It's something that worries me too, I must admit. I don't play online games other than on my PC, yet a lot of console games seem to be heading in a direction where the single player experience is neglected in favour of an expanded multiplayer or co-op aspect. I wish I could tell you untrue, but I haven't heard anything at all, so I think the best option is to just wait and see.

And keep your fingers crossed, of course.
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