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You looking forward to this?

Alriana looked down at her stomach and smiled. As a matter of fact I am. she sent back as she looked back up at Tavaryn. "So tell me...what do you think about this situation? Are you looking forward to it?"

Ackbar Bridge

"We'll be in our quarters if you need anything else from us."


"I'll contact the Jedi on Avalon and give the report. They can relay it to the colonies."

Garja nodded and was about to respond when the comn officer called out in an urgent tone, "Admiral Garja! We're recieving a message from the Death's Head. They say that Grand Admiral Velerc is in critical condition. Apparently a sith agent managed to infiltrate the crew and attacked him. They say that they are going to be moving him to the medical frigate."

"What about this sith agent that attacked the Grand Admiral? Do they have him in custody?"

"No sir. It appears he managed to escape the ship before the Grand Admiral managed to sound the alarm. Sir...a small fighter landed on the flight deck a few minutes ago before we knew what was happening. It transmitted the proper codes so we didn't stop it."

Garja had a sudden urgent thought. Belina...if both she and Grand Admiral Velerc are killed then the Resistance will be hit hard. We might not be able to recover from such a tragedy.

"Sound intruder alert! All Guardsman are to be on the lookout for anyone who doesn't belong here. Send a security team to the hanger bay!"

Alarms began to right through the Ackbar. Armed Guardsman appeared in the corridors and were watching for any sign of trouble.

Garja opened a comn channel to Belina. "Admiral Belina! We may have an intruder aboard the Ackbar! Grand Admiral Velerc has already been attacked and is in critical condition. Admiral if you can hear this please respond!"
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