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Originally Posted by DeathScepter View Post
Also non force senstives probaly not be effect by the loss of the force if it was going to happen. Mainly due to their low connection to the force..
Considering how closely the Force is tied to all life, it's more likely that its removal from existence would kill virtually all life in the universe. Keep also in mind that individuals who have been "cut off from" the Force are not literally so, rather blocked from using it.

Now that I think of it, what the hell is the Exile, anyway, and what is the significance of it? She is said to "live without the Force", yet can still use it ("You can feel the Force, but you cannot feel yourself"). The ordeal at Malachor deafened her to the Force, yet she regains power later in much the same way as others who lost their Force powers (Revan, Kyle Katarn, etc).

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