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"I think it's fair to assume this intruder's after her. I can help."

Garja looked up at him in suprise. He hadn't heard him come up. "She is currently visting with Lady Jun-la's family a few decks down. The intruder appears to have badly injured Grand Admiral Velerc as well. He's in critical condition over on the Imperial medical frigate."

Garja quickly checked the location of the Admiral to make sure that she was still in Lady Jun-la's quarters. He showed the display to Kavrik. "She is located here. We haven't been able to find out where the intruder is but we're going to assume he's heading for their quarters."

The agent smiled as he reached out through the force. He could sense two more dark force users aboard the ship...on this deck. He chuckled slightly. The more chaos the better. He made his way down the corridor and saw a small group of republic guardsman standing near the brig. He reached out through the force and stunned them for a moment. He simply walked past them and opened the cell door and looked over the two dark jedi.

"Tell me...would you like to escape and kill the ones who did this to you?" He asked them.

Both of them nodded. The agent smiled again and moved forward and grabbed both of the devices that were weakning their connection to the force and broke them.

"The Admiral of the Republic fleet is right down this corridor. If you wish to kill her and learn more of the darkside then you will follow me."

The two dark jedi smiled and followed him down down the corridor.

Jun-La's quarters

Admiral Belina looked up in alarm as the alarms began to sound. She opened up her comnlink to try and find out what was going on only to hear static instead. She could make out a faint words. Ackbar...Velerc...Critical...Respond!

"I hope you can forgive me for this but better safe than sorry." She said as she opened up a panel on the wall and quickly entered a series of commands. She heard a locking sound and checked to make sure if was securly shut.

"I just needed to make sure your family is safe. I think it would be a good idea if Kaillian were put somewhere safe for the time being as she pulled a small hold-out blaster out of her boot and pointed it at the door. She looked over at Alriana and smiled as she saw the jedi ignite her lightsaber and stand next to her.

The two woman looked at each other as they heard the sound of a lightsaber igniting outside the door. Belina looked over at Alriana and shook her head.

"That doesn't sound good." She said simply.
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