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With a quick "thanks" over his shoulder Kavrik bolted for the turbolift. As it descended, he called Lys again. "Did you find the intruder?"

A narrow band extended from behind his ear and dropped a single lens in front of his left eye. The Akbar's floor plan appeared and a red dot dropped into view just as the turbolift doors opened. Kavrik swore. "He's heading for Belina now."

He ran out of the turbolift drawing a sword in his right hand and one of his blasters in his left.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

The newly freed Dark Jedi moved along confidently behind their rescuer, eager to kill. As he readied his lightsaber to do away with the door before him, the sound of fast-approaching footsteps caught their ears. They turned to face the sound and were surprised to find that instead of a Jedi, their daring challenger wielded a sword and a blaster. The pair drew away from their rescuer to meet him.

"Idiot," one of them said, drawing his lightsaber.

But the other was more cautious, reaching out in the Force to find her opponent. And so, as her partner raised his saber to slice Kavrik Zall in two, the woman drew back, fearful, for she had heard rumors of the one the Force could not see. For his trouble, her partner's hand was severed and he'd been shot through the heart before he knew what was going on.

"D-don't," the woman stammered, drawing back further, drawing her own lightsaber and calling her partner's to her hand.

"If you surrender, I'll seriously consider not killing you," Kavrik answered coolly.

But her fear of her rescuer was greater than her fear of a myth. She brought the two lightsabers together, attempting to scissor Kavrik in half. He jumped back, thrusting his sword forward to catch her sabers, and raising his blaster. The last thing his opponent saw was the business end of his blaster.

With the two Dark Jedi dealt with, Kavrik ran forward, finding the would-be assassin as he plunged his lightsaber hilt-deep into the door.

"Hey tough guy," he growled. "If you fancy an unfair fight, you should try me on for size."

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