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((Feel free to kill him now. ))


"If you fancy an unfair fight, you should try me on for size."

The agent pulled his lightsaber out of the door and looked over his opponet. "You aren't really worth my time." He said as he looked down at the corpses of the two other dark jedi. "It's a pity but most likely for the best. They were from another time and wouldn't have lasted long with the sith anyway."

The agent smiled and reached out through the force to try and choke his opponet but to his suprise...he couldn't. He tried to sense his opponet in the force and couldn't sense him as well. The agent's confident smirk vanished in an instant. The agent's command of the force was strong but his abilities were no good if he couldn't sense his opponet!

He had heard the rumors of a man that the force couldn't detect. And facing the man of those rumors filled the agent with something that he had felt only once.


He raised his lightsaber and ran at the man and force jumped into the air, preparing to bring his saber down on the man. He knew that the inital strike wouldn't kill him but if he brough the saber around as he landed he might have a chance of taking him by suprise.
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