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Question A couple of questions about installing total conversions mods.

Hello people! I donīt know if this is the right place for putting this, but here it goes.
Itīs really awesome the future aparitions of total conversions mods for the KotOR 2, such as "The Jedi Masters 2.0" and "Revenge of Revan" (and some others) , something we can call "KotOR 3", a real third part for the KotOR. But, when installing it/them, I donīt want to overwrite the original game, loosing all I have (saves, mods, ...), I would like to have both of them, so I could play the game or the total conversion mod, and so I wouldnīt have to choose between having the game or the total conversion mod. So I have 2 questions:

1. I have read something about making a copy of the game folder and pasting in another place, and rename it as the conversion mod, so I would have the game and a copy for the mod; is it possible to do that? So easy? Couldnīt that make mistakes so the copy wouldnīt work correctly? But, due to the installation of the conversion mod, that would fix any problem, so the "new" game would work correctly, isnīt it? And I suppose they use the TSL Patcher, in the installation it searches the KotOR 2 folder and not the mod folder, no? What about it? If Iīm wrong, Could you explain it, please? I donīt care if I must have the game and two copies for the conversion mods.

2. Iīm Spanish, so I have installed the game in Spanish (obviously ). I installed TJM 1.0 correctly (I think), and, when I tried to play, there were 2 problems: there were not neither dialogs nor answering options, maybe because the game was installed in Spanish and the mod is in English, no? That happened in the "Coruscant Jedi Temple" mod, and the problem was fixed with a Multi Language Patch. I suppose I wouldnīt have to reinstall the game in English, no? I think you can not install the game again if you have already installed, even if they are installed in different languages, right?. Maybe a Multi Language Patch, as in other mods, such as the awesomes "BoS:SR" and "Coruscant Jedi Temple", right? Perhaps thereīs a Multi Language Patch for the TJM and I donīt know ; in any case, Iīll wait for the "TJM 2.0". And I hope that there wonīt any problem like this one with the "Revenge of Revan" .
We are eagerly waiting for them . We thank for your efforts modders . May the Force be with you .
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