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Originally Posted by JonChaos6 View Post
How come no new updates or new DLC have been released because ive been very curious about what leia said at the end of the endor mission about luke dieing on hoth.
Leia was talking about the Force Unleashed 1 DLC on Hoth, where you fight Luke, but you don't actually kill him, you take him on as your apprentice.

Originally Posted by Zerimar Nyliram View Post
Because LucasArts likes to start ambitious sequels to popular games, leave us with a cliffhanger, and then completely lose interest in continuing the project, leaving all loose ends unsolved. See Knights of the Old Republic.

But screw the Endor stuff; I'm mainly interested in how the canonical story line will resolve itself. We've got an ultra-powerful pseudo Jedi (Starkiller) hanging around with the Rebel Alliance, who is bound to upstage Luke once the time rolls around, and Darth Vader is in Rebel custody. Obviously these things need to be resolved sooner rather than later.
Exactly, they have to bridge Force Unleashed 2 into Episode IV.
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