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Belina's reaction to Velerc's condition wasn't lost on Kavrik, and neither was the fact that she said almost nothing about it. When she offered him the night off, he nodded.

"I'll meet your bridge crew in the morning," he said. "After a night like this, I think we can all use the extra time. Goodnight, Admiral."

And with a two-fingered salute, he turned to go. But instead of going directly to his ship, he made his way to the repair bay Garja had told him of. There, he rummaged through all the available parts, finding only three to his satisfaction. With these three parts in hand, he returned to his ship.

"Got a few more parts for you, Lys," he said. "We'll have you up and about again sooner than you originally projected."

"Partnering with the Resistance does look to be a profitable venture for the both of us," Lysandra answered. "But install the new parts later. You've got some heavy reading to catch up on."

Kavrik chuckled. "Yeah. How many years have I missed?"

"You were killed in the year of the Battle of Yavin," Lys replied. "Essentially year one of the current counting scheme. You were resurrected five years ago, which ship's computers place at 108 ABY."

"Which makes this 113 ABY," Kavrik surmised. He heaved a weary sigh. "A hundred and thirteen years of history."

"That's where you're wrong," Lysandra said cheerfully. "You asked Garja for a history of recent events. He sent over information regarding the last year, starting from the Sith taking Coruscant."

Kavrik grimaced. "Request access to the ship's historical databanks. I want everything, if I can have it."

"I already have most of that," Lysandra said. "I suffered my accident at roughly 87 ABY, but I was able to keep a backup data collection unit running between then and 109 ABY, when you managed to bring me back online."

Kavrik scowled. "Why haven't you mentioned this before?"

"Twenty-seven years of constant data collection is a lot to process, even for me. Then it was a matter of filtering all that information for data regarding historical landmarks. Finally, I had to arrange it in the proper order. Uploading the full history of the time since your death to your datapad now."

"Thanks," Kavrik said, heading for his room. "I'll be catching up then. Don't hesitate to interrupt if you need something."

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