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Star Wars Duel of Fates Chapter 6

Duel of Fates.

Chapter 6

Gannor sat in the Pilot seat of his personal transport, Arthur sat in the co-pilot seat only a few inch's away. "You know, when you said you modifed this bloody ship," He said, "I thought you would at least make the extra seat with enough space to move my legs!" "Had to cut prices some where, it was either that or the extra cargo compartment." "Cargo compartment, your a bounty hunter are you not?" Arthur asked, "Why would you need a extra cargo compartment?" Gannor smiled, "Where do you think the "Bounty's" go?" Arthur pondered the meaning of this and then a shocked expressen covered his face, "Oh thats just wrong." Gannor chuckled. "Why did you do it?" Arthur asked abrubtly moments later. Gannor knew what he was asking about, and why, but decided to ignore it and respond, "Why did i do what?" "Leave the Republic." Arthur nodded. Gannor sighed, "It's a long story kid." Arthur gave him a puzzled stare as he said, "Where am i going to go, i can't even feel the lower half of my body now." "Fair enough." Gannor pressed a couple keys, then leaned back in his chair, "I was like you once, believe it or not," "I don't." Arthur quickly added, "Eh do you want to hear my story or not?!" Arthur sat back in his chair. "Well then, like i was saying, I was once in the Republic military like yourself, a young man, i quickly climbed my way up through the ranks, and made squad leader of a elite unit of commando's, i was landed the leadership of Andras." Arthur gapped at him, "Andras?!" Gannor nodded, prepareing for the next sentance which he had no doubt would come, "Andras were the, well the best!" Arthur stated, "Andras's operations led to numerious victory's for the republic, they were," But then Gannor cut him off, "We were murderers!" Arthur continued to gape at Gannor, "Murderers?" "Hero's more like it." Gannor sighed again, turned his head to Arthur and said, "Andras was once heros, we all were, but we changed, i noticed it before any one else did, it started on Exos 2. Exos was a fire world, a dead world that was nearly destroyed in the most recent war with the mandorlorians. "What happened?" Arthur said softly, he noticed Gannor's pain on the topic, and knew it was a senstive matter. Before Gannor could respond a sonic blast ripped the conversation apart. Gannor flew our of his seat along with Arthur, both men as soon as they could looked out the view port to see that they were out of hyperspace, and they were speeding head long into a moon! "We need to pull up!" Arthur shouted over the whines and whistles the ship was making, red lights engulfed the cockpit as pressure leaks were found in the hull. Gannor lept to his chair and pulled back with all his strength in a desperate attempt to turn the ship away from the moon, "We're both going to die if we can't stabilize the ship!" shouted Gannor, "See what you can do!" "On it!" As Gannor continued to pull back on the control's, Arthur clicked and punched several control's on the co-pilot seat's interface, "This should do it!" Said Arthur happily, He pushed a large green button which led to the ship starting it's ejecting sequence. "Damn it Arthur that's not it!" Roared Gannor as a single strap shot out of his seat, rapping around him so he would stay attached to his chair, "That's not good." Arthur mumbled. He pressed a small green button next to the larger one and the sequence haulted with a ding. Gannor spotted a large green mountain, and they were speeding right towards it! "Arthur!" Gannor shouted. Arthur now in total panic mode skimmed through all the keys and control's, and in the interface he found the only thing that could, with a bit of luck, could stabilize the ship. He pressed it and with a roar the ship's ion rives kicked in and rocketed the ship up wards, Gannor continued to hold on to the control's, pulling the ship up from certain doom, he turned the ship beautifully, dodging Mountains and tree's, but it was to much, the left wing of the ship clipped a large tree and threw the ship into a roll, sending it crashing to the forest floor...

I hope you enjoyed chapter 6 of Star Wars: Duel of Fates.

The same rules apply in this chapter as for the rest of the chapters and the chapters before.

thank you
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