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Asus rampage 3 extreme black edition motherboard

Though about this project, that project. Now I think about a new machine.

I'm just wondering, what are your thoughts on such a mobo?

I figure if I'm going to make a new computer, it should be with some kind of basis that will be badass and last for quite some time. I'm aware the previous versions were good, yes.

As technology progresses and gets better prices will come down. I'm okay with spending a fair chunk in the beginning on the core basis of my machine (mobo, processor, and tower). Probably won't be running it anywhere near its max capabilities for quite some time either. I'm not going to start out with "1337" everything. Though as time goes on I'll get better stuff. While I won't be at the cutting edge, but I'll benefit from OC experimenters' success and have downloadable upgrades for that.

Yes I happen to have some experience in liquid cooling systems, albeit not for computers specifically but similar stuff that gets HOT (lasers and power supplies) and I am fully well aware of things that can and do go wrong associated with liquids being around electronics. And yes, I do plan on getting an o-scope and netbook for diagnostics tools (bit of a prerequisite).

Anyone here ever played with such a system or similar?

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