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I have pushed a test version of JediBoard to Heroku for people to play around with. You can find out how to use it by reading the news post here.

Originally Posted by Kurgan View Post
Awesome. Will the app have the option of different themes/colors? I'm wanting to re-create the orange text on black background that the real JB had before it went offline, for example.
I've been toying around with the idea of having a different theme for each game. For instance, if the user selects 'JKDF2', the theme will change to something that matches that particular game. Once I finalize the CSS layout of the main page, I may end up holding a community competition where users can submit design layouts for individual games, based upon said CSS3/HTML5 code. However, these are just thoughts that I haven't really explored much yet.

As far as the current design goes, it's very much temporary. I'm afraid that I've spent too much time learning to program & not much time on design. However, I do hope to have a far more aesthetically pleasing design, soon.

P.S. I slightly remember the layout of the original jediBoard, but not well enough. If you have any screenshots of it I'd be happy to take a look & see if it's something that I'd be interested in.

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