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Push button - Gate destroys - Spawn teleports (SoF2)

Hi there

Since the SoF2 forums are quiet inactive/dead this might be my only shot on getting this fixed.

Here's my problem:
I've got a gate where you can press "use" (= gametype_trigger) which "blows" up a gate (func_wall). When this gate is destroyed, I want my BLUE1 spawn (gametype_player) to teleport to BLUE2 spawn.

I haven't really figured out a way to get this to work but I did make some attempts but the trigger_multiple (of the teleport) gets activated automaticly so whenever you spawn at blue1 (even before the gate is destroyed) you get teleported even though the trigger_multiple (of the gate) is pointing to the trigger_multiple (of the teleport) I know it looks a bit complicated but we really would like to have this working.

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