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The Republic - Roleplay

Hello, everyone.
I've begun to create a new RP Community in hopes that it will be different from current ones.
Instead of beginning as a hopeful and having your character bound by a large number of restrictions... We allow your character to be as intended on creation, as long as it is REALISTIC to the SW Universe.
Not only do you have to be a jedi, but any form of other character too!
If you wish to have a Sith character, it is recommended to also have a Good character.

I'm looking for people to help start up the community. Building a Council would be a first task.
Anyone who also knows how to use the AoWC Server is also appreciated.

I've made the beginnings of a website, however I'm unable to upload it since the server I usually upload FTP to is down, I'll post it as soon as it's back up!

No applications required, just log in and play.
For more info add me on Xfire: Phelpster

What we're looking for:
Council Members - Characters to help with the training, promoting and ruling of Jedi
Master/Apprentices - People who wish to make a bond between Master and Apprentice.
Jedi Trainer - People who wish to focus on training Padawans when their Masters are unable (Or if they have no Master)

Community Leaders - People to help create and run Plots and/or story lines. They can be approached for help to make story lines/Plots for other members.
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