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There is no need for a bleak outlook. There are many things to consider.

For one, this game is brand spanking new. Look at any MMO that has ever been: what features existed at launch compaired to what features players enjoyed later? The amount of time it takes to develop an MMO properly is more than Alpha and Beta testing.

Second, Bioware is the ace in the hole. I've played games by Square Enix, CCP, Blizzard, Sony, Valve... Hell, I've been playing games since before the joystick was invented! The point is I've never had a Bioware game I didn't like. They are always full of detail and the replay of those games is almost timeless. I can't say that about any of the other devs I've mentioned.

Try the game first. See what is there before you worry about what isn't there. You may be surprised.

This talk of "Rails" is, frankly, silly. Of course there are Rails. I've played EVE for 4 years and what is lauded as a "sand box" game only offers you a few ways to play in that sand box. There is no true "boundless", of if you will, "Railess" game because there will always be a limit on what a game can give you. Even in a real sand box you are confined by what you can do with sand.

If you want truly boundless entertainment, go outside and play.
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