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Originally Posted by HK-42 View Post
Maybe its because its so good? I dont see any room for improvement Canderis. If I ever replayed KOTOR it would be my main armor forsure. But that maybe because I am an avid fan of camo.
Thanks, but everything can be improved.

Originally Posted by Capibara View Post
Ok, honestly, i don't like it, but that's in no way a reflection of the quality of your work in it (which is great), i just don't like camouflage in kotor's.

Don't know if that's better or worse than no feedback (on my part), so there you go.
Thanks, i'd rather have people say they don't like it, with a reason why, then no feedback at all.

Originally Posted by Phildevil View Post
Nah, there's something more than just" because you like camos". That's because it is pretty damn impressive and looks very good. I mean, it is not a simple recolor, but a much more complex task, one that I can tell you is pretty hard to get working right. Even simple re-color, while they may seem simple, were hard to do for me. You should be commanded for what you did, Canderis and maybe we don't tell you enough, but you are quite the inventive character. To my knowledge, you are a pretty unique modder and went to modify some things I had never seen before. Like when you did your Darker Peragus mod! Now please come back from asylum :P
Thank you. But i probably won't make a full return till next summer if ever. I still plan to update all my mods though first.

PS: Asylum is a disturbed album that use to be my avvy, should change that eh?

Originally Posted by Fallen Guardian View Post
Don't retire, you make some quality mods. I like the skin myself, although I think it would serve better to be a custom armor rather than the replacement of the combat suit.
Thanks. I could make it as a separate uti if you wanted.

Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
The lack of feedback Canderis is because sadly with the games being so old there are less and less people using mods. I like it and as discussed I'll be putting it into Force Fashion K1 armours (that compliment enough for you, as not just anything get's in a Force Fashion mod ).
Yes. Yes it is

Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
As others have said please keep modding if there is stuff you'd like to do, you have produced some very interesting and inventive mods, such as Darker Peragus. We are I think however very much at a time when modding is only worth it if your doing things for you... Traffic to Holowan has got less and less over the years.
There are still quite a few modders here, if we all spent a little more time giving feedback on people's work, it may help a lot of us become better.

Thanks guys.

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