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Mass Content Mod Updates

The large mod I'm currently working on will be more in keeping with the Ultimate Robe Pack I created some time ago, wherein it reworks the different robe content and also enhances the armors as well.

-> The entire E and D class armors have been enhanced, mostly contrast tweaking but some recolors as well. My work with the heavy armors H class is finished, see previous screenshots. I have kept the master robe model with svosh collar fix as the jedi robe, with movie style master robes as the master robe (smaller jedi robe model is done away with).

-> Added tunics with the marauder model, see previous screenshot. Jal shey armors are in J slot (revans robes) with four variations.

-> Onderon bounty hunter encounter is intact, Telos/corpseDxun traveler sub NPC quest is also intact. I am attempting to remove the Nar Shaddaa merchant I added, but I'm keeping the one I put on Onderon.

-> Canon synthesized Mandalore and shiny HK droids are both functional. I am playing through the game with TSLRCM and this mod (I'm calling it Style Synthesis Mod) installed to check for errors though I doubt I will find any, there were not installation conflicts. I have changed almost all clothing inventory textures and many UTI inventory clothing items but luckily they are practically untouched by the TSLRCM and the mandalore mod is TSLRCM compatible, and if there are module edits that change the vanilla defaults my mod will simply act over the changes in the same way they would act over the defaults.

-> There are some easter eggs also like a polished version of the apprentice armor from VarsityPuppets Trayus Rank mod, so if you have that installed you'll see my version (hardly changed, just polished). Also see if you can find the gizka I added, hint it doesn't stray far from the mod it comes with hehehe though you will have to backtrack to find it.

Release date soonish.

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