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Originally Posted by MrObiWan View Post
That looks awesome.

Originally Posted by Qui-Gon Glenn View Post
Looks pretty great! This is a cut module? It certainly does NOT look familiar, so that is always cool. The slatted-wood look is a little overwhelming, and as you mentioned the desk seems oddly lit, with nonsensical shadow happening.

All in all, I think it will be an excellent addition to the mod!
Thanks. It seems about two textures dominate the area so I'll see if I can't use different skins on the same texture.

Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
They look really good Fallen, very in keeping with the Jedi Enclave that we visit in K1, am I to presume these are connected the Jedi Enclave?
Thanks j7, but nope, not connected to the Enclave. It's actually the beginning module of the spaceport with the female Twi'lek receptionist seen early in the thread. (Page 4 I believe) That spaceport started off as just being completely made up by me, but playing through Kotor again when I did Bolook's murder investigation it talks about the Garang Spaceport on Dantooine and since you never visit it in the vanilla game, I decided to make this spaceport that spaceport. However, those pictures aren't really any good anymore because I'll most likely cut that module and move it into this one.

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