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IMO the overall success of TOR will determine the future of the type of games we see from LA. If it is a bust, we may see a return to the "good old days" along with the continuation of the Lego games (which are pretty fun, different...but fun [I have a younger brother so it is one way I can enjoy star wars with him]) and the clone wars games. However if it is successful we may not see many new games for a while, the only releases we will see are expansion packs (most likely).

It could always go the other way around (ie success = more, hopefully, high quality games while failure = less games, more TOR expansion patches to try to bring people in). But I definitely feel that TOR will determine the future of Star Wars gaming.

Regardless, I hope we see some quality games released (and I know many, if not all, of you feel the same way).

Just my two credits worth.

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