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Condemned A Hardcore NA Team Focused PvP and Raid Guild


Guild Site:
Youtube Channel:

Faction: Republic
Guild Event Schedule: Mon to Thurs 9:00 PM EST to 12:00 AM EST
Optional Sunday extensions during progression

For five years and across multiple games, <Condemned> has built a track record of excellence in both PVE progression and PVP domination. Throughout that tenure we have achieved multiple world and server firsts, solidified a reputation as the cornerstone of our server in player vs. player content, and have established an enduring organization and leadership structure.

As we prepare for Star Wars: The Old Republic, we are seeking to bolster our ranks with talented, experienced players with a track record of excellence in both PVE and PVP.

About Us

*Server First PVE Progression. <Condemned> holds multiple server and world firsts from other games, many of which are viewable on our Youtube channel. In RIFT, we were ranked sixth in the world and first on the Deepstrike server for the entirety of our tenure. In Star Wars: The Old Republic, we aim to repeat this success. While many guilds can claim they are aiming to be a server first guild, <Condemned> is one of the few that has the track record to ensure it.

*Open World PVP Domination <Condemned> has a similar record of achievement in PVP, having built the reputation as one of the most respected--and feared--PVP guilds on Vanguard, Aion, and RIFT.

*Ranked Warzone Ladder Topping Our guild is home to dozens of players with a past history of topping instanced and arena-based PVP, including over a dozen World of Warcraft gladiators, two ranked MLG players, and the former World Rank 1 Hunter in Warcraft, and ten champions of the Best of the Best Tournament in Vanguard. As we have done in prior games, teams will be determined by Leadership after taking a census of player opinion, ensuring that our teams will dominate the forthcoming leaderboards.

*Mature, Organized Team-Based Play Our guild philosophy is centered on the concept of team, and you will find exceptional team-based play in both our PVE and PVP engagements. As a result of this philosophy, our guild invests into the skill development of our membership--we have in-house theorycrafters and strategists, an officer corps that provides ongoing feedback and coaching to membership, and a crafting system that pools resources to ensure server monopolization and best-in-slot gear to all members.

*Strong, Stable Leadership The majority of our leadership corps has been in place for five years and is viewed by membership as holding both high expectations for players while also being fair and transparent in the design of policies and in determining guild direction. Leadership views their roles as ensuring the strength of the team, rather than being in a position of power.

You Are:

*A talented, experienced player. While we recognize that there are many guilds in TOR that are accepting all applicants with plans to cut once the game launches, <Condemned> is not one of them. Our application and interview process is intensive and highly-selective, and we only bring in players with a provable, prior track record of results in both PVE and PVP into our guild. This selectivity is not only a reason for our past results; it's also the reason many of our members have been with us for five years - they know they're playing with others that they can rely on.

*Dependable. <Condemned> hosts scheduled guild events four nights a week, and we expect our members to be in attendance. While we understand the balance between gaming and real life, we require members to post in advance when they will be unable to attend along with rationale. In addition, we expect members to do their homework - selecting the most optimal specs, honing their skill and rotations, and familiarizing themselves with our guild's PVP tactics.

*Team-Oriented. "Hunt as a Pack" is our guild's philosophy, and you should be both willing and excited to ascribe to it in both PVE and PVP content. From leveling to crafting and gear acquisition, our focus is on teamwork. In addition, prior to the 12/20/11, we will be honing our strategies through once-a-week team practice in Warhammer Online, and expect weekly participation.

Quality over Quantity. Unlike many PVP guilds with a zerg-mentality, our current target for launch is 80 to 100 players. In past games, we have found that this size allows for us to ensure adequate development of all of our members, effective execution of strategy, and a greater team-based atmosphere - all of which has contributed to dominating guilds that are nearly three times our size

Guild Rules

1. No Cheating
The Condemned has a no cheating policy. If a member is caught either using an illegal third-party program or in-game exploit, he or she will be removed from legion. Members also will not benefit from the cheating of non-guilded players. If you are in a pick-up raid/group and players are exploiting, you are expected to leave or if you are leading the raid/group, to remove the players whom are cheating.

2. No Public Trash Talking
Trash talking by members is not permitted in open channels nor is it permitted in the official forums. If you must talk smack, do it over tells. In the same spirit, we have a no-tolerance policy on drama. Players who consistently cause drama will be removed from the legion.

3. Attendance
While we do not have a minimum attendance requirement, we do expect members to remain active. Members online and in the appropriate level range during guild scheduled events are required to attend. Also, if a member needs to take some time off from the game due to real life issues, he/she is expected to inform leadership by posting in the On Leave section of our forums.

4. Website and Forum Contribution
Members are required to regularly visit and contribute to the legion website. There will often be important information listed in the "Legion Announcements" section of the forums that members may be required to read and sign. Members may also be required to comment or "bump" threads on the official forums such as a public recruitment thread for example.

5. Ventrilo
Members must have Ventrilo installed/configured with a working microphone. Members must use their in-game name as their Ventrilo username and the phonetic should only contain their name. If members are in-game they are required to be in Ventrilo unless arrangements have been made with leadership (playing at work for example). During organized PvE and PvP events, there will be a designated member running the event and members will need to know when to be quiet so that individual may provide instruction without interruption.

6. No Sharing Private Strategies or Information
Leaking information contained in the Members-Only section of our forums or providing other legion strategies to players not in the guild without first obtaining permission from Condemned leadership will not be tolerated.

7. Legitimate Add-Ons
Members may be required to download specific legitimate add-ons to enhance strategic gameplay. An example of such an add-on would be a target assist program.

8. Loot Distribution
Aside from DKP, events loot will be distributed via random rolls for players who "need" the dropped item. Members will only be permitted to win one item per event unless the item is not needed by other members.

9. Mandatory Participation
There will be occasions that members will be required to attend "non-scheduled" guild events such as open world PvP or defending RvR objectives if they are available in game. As stated this is mandatory and not optional.

10. Guild Priority
Members are expected to value their fellow guild mates as well as their tag. Guild members will always be selected for grouping over those not in the legion. Condemned is a team and functions as such. This rule is designed to cover all aspects of the game from PvE encounters to pre-made arena teams if available.
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