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Lucas is a ****ing moron. Savage Oppress was among the dumbest characters I have ever seen.

And now he wants to bring back Maul?

I was/am very supportive of the EU keeping Fett alive -Boba's a ****ing badass.

But bringing Maul back kind of...nullifies Obi-Wan's beasting. I don't like it.

Also, unless they fix the inconsistencies they caused with Karen Traviss's Mandolorian stuff, I couldn't give a shabla (hehe) about the "canonity" of TCW - Traviss's stuff is WAY superior, as is all of the EU.

I mean what in the flying **** was that "father, daughter, son" thing in TCW where Anakin was shown his future and then had his mind wiped?

I"m fearing they're gonna' **** it up real good in this season with Death Watch and label the Fetts as part of that - even though a tremendous amount of EU is firmly established against that (and very much in line with Traviss's stuff).

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