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Originally Posted by Blix View Post
It's not exactly hard to figure out considering that a number of novels set during the events of the Clone Wars have been rendered non-canon/moot/redunant/etc. I thinK Kathy Tyers is the best example iirc.
I never saw any statement saying novel X or Y is now non-canon. But I'll be happy if you could point me out one.

Originally Posted by Blix View Post
Then there's Coruscant Nights that takes place after the clone wars but the fate of one of the central figures was affected by the almighty "T-Canon"-ness of the cartoon show so more or less writing that novel series as never happened.
Are you talking about Even Piell? Well, now it's explained why isn't he in the Jedi Council on RotS. And the novel is not considered non canon, only waiting to be retconned.

Anyway, how exactly is Shatterpoint non canon again?

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